iOS Quiz App Starter Kit | App Template

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All In One Quiz App Starter Kit allows you to create a unique objective type quiz app with different types of questions text, Picture and Video types of question in each of the categories.

New Version 3.0 Update – Added True/False question type – Watch demo video to check true/false question type.

Features (Future updates will be given free of cost)

  • Unlimited Categories and Unlimited Questions for each of the category.
  • iOS 6 support.
  • iPhone 5 layout support.
  • Retina and Non-Retina UI Images included.
  • Universal App (Single binary can run on both iPhone/iPad).
  • ARC Package
  • Objective type questions with question types Text, Picture and Video.
  • Can be configured to pull shuffled set of questions from pool of questions. Example if you add 1000 questions to a category and set max limit for that category to 50 questions then game play will pull 50 questions from those 1000.
  • Tap to zoom picture animation and tap to play video.
  • Shuffle Questions – ON/OFF featured.
  • Shuffle Options – ON/OFF featured.
  • High Score Table list all the categories with their high scores.
  • Configurable +Ve and -Ve points for each question.
  • Fade in / out and sliding animations for attractive transitions – Featured to configure Anymation type required.
  • Score sharing on social networks Twitter & Facebook.
  • Integration in 10mins.
  • Any time Quick Support for your integrations and If any specific requirement will be served as freelancer.
  • Many more features to come ahead.

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